Hi, I'm Izzy. It's nice to meet you.


I am a sophomore at Barnard College of Columbia University studying computer science and education committed to re-imagining the perception of STEM. 

I spent my childhood dreaming of becoming an astrophysicist when I grew up. My passion for the universe and STEM guided me all throughout my youth, and eventually enabled me to obtain an astrophysics research internship as a seventeen-year-old at one of the most famous science and cultural institutions in the world. Throughout my life, I've heard a lot of "No"s. I've had teachers straight up tell me to drop out of advanced math classes and boys tell me they're smarter than me because they scored 2 points higher on an exam. I know what it feels like to have people not believe in you, but I'm also privileged enough to know the feeling of true, authentic support (thanks Mama). I strive to give back the same encouragement for my passions I received growing up, and focus the majority of my advocacy on making STEM a more inclusive place for everyone.

In the past year and a half, I've had 60+ speaking engagements with audiences all over the world. I continue to share my own STEM journey, in hopes that it inspires my audiences to keep exploring and pursuing their own journeys. And we're just getting started. (For an extended list of my experience in public speaking and advocacy, please view the Volunteer section on my LinkedIn. Want me to speak at your event? 💌 Email me directly at hello 'at' izzylapidus.com)

I'm extremely involved in every community I help make up. I'm a proud Barnard student, and frequently host mentorship calls and engage in Instagram conversations with aspiring Barnard women/non-binary people. Kode With Klossy changed my life, and I do everything I can to spread the Kode With Klossy magic long and far. STEM organizations, such as IF/THEN, are changing the game for the future of women of STEM, and I use my own platforms to spread their messages. 

I have plenty of my own passion projects in the works that aren't quite ready to make the website, so make sure to follow me on Instagram @ izzylapidus to stay updated. Instagram is also 100% where my best content happens, so if you've read all of this and still aren't following me, idk what to tell ya...

More to come. More to change for the better. To building a more inclusive and equitable world through STEM 🥂

Check out my
LinkedIn to read more about my experiences. Resume available upon request.