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Izzy “SQUIZ” Lapidus is a junior at Barnard College of Columbia University majoring in Computing, Design, and Pedagogy—a special major she created to pursue her passion for re-imagining computer science education. Izzy has been advocating for a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable STEM community since she was 17 years old. She is committed to building confidence and belief in students of all backgrounds that they are wanted and needed in the STEM community.

Izzy has chosen to pursue computer science education because she believes the inequities in CS education are representative of those present in STEM education and all types of education at large. She strives to build, design, and curate STEAM learning experiences, tools, and communities that uplift students’ unique identities and experiences. She engages in this work at Barnard’s Office of Community Engagement and Inclusion (CEI) through her role as a Senior STEAM Student Educational Experience Designer in CEI’s STEAM in the City Program.

With her background in theater and storytelling, Izzy is an excellent public speaker and comes alive when in front of an audience. She works in Barnard’s Office of Admissions as both a Barnard Student Admissions Representative (BSAR) and Social Media BSAR. She gives tours and responds to questions from prospective students and families, hosts Instagram takeovers, creates TikToks, and writes blogposts for the Unafraid at Barnard blog. To request Izzy for speaking engagements, please email her directly.

Izzy has organized a myriad of events and digital campaigns to celebrate STEM and particularly the women and queer people who have made advancements in STEM possible. She was the youngest selected speaker at the 2022 Barnard Gala celebrating Barnard’s #YearOfScience. She partnered with Miranda Cosgrove and CBS Mission Unstoppable to create the 2021 Pi Day Challenge, encouraging people around the world to memorize as many digits of Pi as possible. To celebrate Pi Day 2022, she created 100DIGITS, a Database featuring 100 Icons Groundbreaking, Innovating, and Thriving in STEM (DIGITS). She’s created her own line of bracelets celebrating how #swag STEM is, interviewed Kode With Klossy founder Karlie Kloss on the intersection of beauty of tech, emceed an event at Apple that featured Tim Cook, and created and led STEAM in the City’s STEM Fest and Barnard Math Olympics.

Izzy is an educator at heart and loves teaching her friends and community about her favorite software, Notion. She enjoys making TikToks to share her best tips for using Notion, hosting events to teach her friends how to use Notion, and building + sharing her custom Notion templates.

In her free time, Izzy enjoys creating. Whether that’s social media content, a new project, or a new idea, Izzy is always planning and organizing her next big thing. She also loves electric citi biking and building with Legos.

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