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computing student passionate about re-imagining CS education through the design of inclusive, life-affirming, and feminist STEAM-focused learning spaces, tools, and communities 💫

here's the short version: 
👤  Junior at Barnard College from Brooklyn, NY 🧢

👩‍💻  Studying Computing, Design, and Pedagogy—a special major I created! 
🇩🇰 Currently studying Child Development and Education abroad in Denmark

🌱 Senior STEAM Student Educational Experience Designer (SEED)  at Barnard's Community Engagement and Inclusion (CEI) office bringing to life STEAM-based learning experiences for/with Harlem/Upper Manhattan public school educators
🗣 Barnard Student Admissions Representative (BSAR) in Barnard's Office of Admissions giving super fun and engaging tours

📲  Social Media BSAR hosting super awesome Instagram takeovers, making TikToks, and writing blogposts 
💚  Very involved with Kode With Klossy. Former Scholar (2020), Instructor Assistant (2021), and community ambassador. Current content creator. Former code-a-bration facilitator and panelist. Incoming Instructor Assistant 2023!
💥 Former entrepreneurship intern at the Athena Center for Leadership (Summer 2022)
📲 I love creating social media content. You should follow me 😎

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